Deadline: November 20, 2023. Each year we feature “Crane Watch.” This fast-paced program is a great way for our members to learn about innovative and exciting new projects under construction within North and South Carolina. Six developments will be selected and, while the timer is running (6.5 minutes per project), will share mini-case studies of their projects including the development and the lessons learned, photos, site and floor plans, and the development timeline, in addition to site, building, and financial data.

Are you interested in presenting your project or want to recommend one for consideration? SUBMIT TODAY. The program committee will review all applications, considering the unique aspects of the project and a “cool” factor. We encourage creative projects to be shared.

NOTE: The project must be under construction (thus the name “Crane Watch” though it doesn’t require a crane on the site) and presented by the developer. Application Deadline: November 20, 2023. Selected projects will be presented on Friday, February 23, 2024, in Charlotte, NC.