Ground Floor Activation…Creative Local Retail

February 24, 2023 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time Raleigh Convention Center, 302B&C
Concurrent Session Open to All Attendees

Ground Floor Activation….Creative Local Retail brings together a dynamic group of experts in the retail arena, to share trends across the region, as well as insights into cultivating unique experiences. We’ll discover ways the public and private sector work together to attract and retain regional and local businesses, encouraging growth and economic development.

We’ll hear about the challenges, successes and what’s on the horizon for creating great public spaces and destinations.

Moderator Christina Coffey of Lee & Associates will be joined by Heather Spires of Main Street District (Columbia, SC), Bill King of Raleigh Downtown Alliance, and Tommy Mann from ATCO/Camp
North End
(Charlotte, NC).