Concurrent Session: Remembrance, Culture, and History – Catalysts for Community

March 02, 2021 10:30 am – 11:15 am (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time Concurrent Session

With pervasive patterns of twentieth century planning policies, zoning regulations, urban renewal, and highway construction that have frequently disrupted and displaced urban communities, disproportionately underserved, and low-income communities. These communities and places are a rich source of culture, history, and inspiration. Remembrance projects address lost cultural connections between people and places that, if tapped into, are a means of healing and restoring a sense of place. They can become the catalyst for urban rebirth that lends character, authenticity, and cultural identity to new development. The presentation will illustrate case histories of urban remembrance projects of a range of scale and complexity, and engagement practices with community stakeholders to create design solutions that are specific to the culture and history of those communities to commemorate the past and provide a framework for future development that is equitable and socially sustainable.